Video: Ex US president “Barack Obama” reporting for Jury Duty


Despite his no longer seating on the president’s seat in the white house, many still love him, rushing and needing to shake his hands, this shows that Barack Obama can still win the position of president in united state, anytime, any day. (TO MUCH LOVE)

Barack Obama, former leader of the free world and current Illinois taxpayer, returned home on Wednesday for that most somber of civic obligations: jury duty.

And as much as Chicago tried to play it cool, people here were entranced by the sight of a former president reporting to Room 1700 of a county courthouse, plopping a red juror sticker on his jacket and earning the $17.20 daily stipend  almost enough to pay for parking.

“He was willing to go through everything everybody else had to go through,” said Timothy C. Evans, the chief judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, who spent part of the morning meeting with Mr. Obama, something not everybody else who comes for jury duty goes through.

Watch the video from the hand shaking events

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