Update on Monkey pox in Nigeria


The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has recorded over 31 cases of Monkey pox in Nigeria, with states ranging from Bayelsa, Uyo, Enugu, Ekiti, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Rivers with Lagos state being the most recent to have recorded two suspected cases of the virus.

Incubation and Symptoms typically lasts 5 – 21 days with severe cases occurring among children with longer virus exposure. The virus spreads from the animal to human and human to human.


  1. Slight fever,
  2. Few rashes.


  1. Swelling of lymph nodes,
  2. Muscle pain,
  3. Headache
  4. Thousands of large rashes on the Face, Body, Palms and Feet.

Currently there is no actual cure or vaccine, but the disease is being controlled.



  1. Stay away from animals that can harbor the disease such as monkeys, rats, squirrels and antelopes
  2. Stay away from sick and dead animals
  3. Use protective equipment while caring for sick or infected patients.
  4. Wash your hands regularly.
  5. Keep your environment disinfected always and rodent free.
  6. Avoid contact with any material, such as beddings, that has been in contact with a sick patient.

Note:- If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, do report the suspected case(s) to the Lagos state ministry of health through the following mobile lines: 08037170614, 09087106072


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