Symptoms of Tuberculosis

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that scares a lot of people. This infectious disease is often caused by a species of [mycobacterium], that we usually refer to as [Mycobacterium tuberculosis].

When this disease occurs, it mainly affects the lungs where it causes tubercles. Also, there will be an expectoration, this refers to coughing up fluid from the lungs.

This disease affects the lungs. When a person has this disease, an ejection of phlegm or mucus through coughing or spitting will also occur.

Below are Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

1>. Weight loss
2>. Incessant coughing.
3>. Chest pain.
4>. Shortness of breath
5>. Fever and chills.
6>. Tiredness in its extremity or fatigue.
7>. Night Sweats.
8>. Loss of appetite, etc

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