Ladies: Signs of Toxic Relationship


There are some surefire pointers that connections are never again solid and satisfying. For instance, disloyalty or physical mishandle. Nonetheless, now and again it’s very hard to understand that your relationship is dangerous.

This is on account of it has the indications of an unfortunate relationship and the relationship that is experiencing a little transitory emergency. You shouldn’t mistake terrible connections for lethal ones in light of the fact that there is just a single way out of the previous while the last can be settled. On the off chance that you have any questions as to your couple,


• You are always to blame for your partner’s mood swings and you never know what to do or say in order not to upset your partner.
• When you do things for your partner, it goes not from your heart but is dictated by obligation or fear.
• Your freedom is limited. Your partner influences your decisions and choices.
• You choose to be silent rather than speak up because you know it will aggravate the situation.
• Your partner is excessively jealous. Some people say that jealousy is the sign of deep feelings. In fact, it’s the sign of lack of trust and confidence.
• You don’t feel natural when your partner is around. You aren’t satisfied with yourself and your life with this partner.
• You are afraid to start a conversation because you know your partner won’t understand you or even take your words as an attack.
Does your relationship have anything to do with these signs? If your answer is positive, you are in a toxic relationship, unfortunately.
What you should know is that toxic can be not only relationships between romantic partners. This term can also be applied to friendship and relations in a family and between colleagues. It’s very hard emotionally to be in such relationship. Here is what you experience in a toxic relationship.


Toxic people feel upset by default. What is more, they believe it is you who caused their resentment. As a result, they decide to take revenge by upsetting you through criticism and rudeness.


Partners should be on the same level when communicating. In other words, they should be equal. A toxic partner feels superior towards the other partner and this feeling makes them condescending. It’s expressed in the way they talk to their partners. They don’t choose words when they want to point out their partner’s fault or weakness. They say it in a quite rude form that is much like humiliation and derision.



At some point you realize that you’d rather be silent than share something with your partner. You know they will not be happy for your success, accomplishment, good news from your friends, etc. They will immediately belittle anything you say.
Is it possible to fix a toxic relationship? Detoxication is possible only if two partners are willing to change. It’s important to weigh all pros and cons and decide whether this relationship is worth saving. Being together is supposed to make both partners happy and if all you get is constant tension and misery, probably, it’s time to leave.


Toxic partners constantly expect to hear something unpleasant from you. This attitude makes them look for implications or hidden meanings of your words. They don’t understand your jokes and friendly banters. Your positive attitude is taken as an insult. In response, they intimidate and put you down.

Their toxic behavior reveals itself during an argument. They think they are right by default and you are wrong and you don’t want to understand them while many other people would support them.


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