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How to Register for 2017 N-Power Recruitment



What is N-Power? N-Power is a job creation and empowerment programme of the National Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The N-Power programme is for young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35.


In 2016, through N-Power, the Federal Government engaged and deployed 200,000 young Nigerians in public primary schools, primary healthcare centres and in agriculture development project centres in all the Local Government Areas in Nigeria.


This has been the largest post-tertiary engagement of human resources in Africa. This year, the N-Power Volunteer Corps is enlisting 300,000 more volunteers to bring the number to the promised 500,000 N-Power Volunteers.



• To intervene and directly improve the livelihood of a critical mass of young unemployed Nigerians.


• To develop a qualitative system for the transfer of employability, entrepreneurial and technical skills


To create an ecosystem of solutions for ailing public services and government diversification policies.


• To develop and enhance Nigeria’s knowledge economy.


Two Categories Of N-Power
1. Graduate Category-

• N-Power Volunteer Corps

2. Non-Graduate Category

• N-Power Knowledge
• N-Power Build

How to Register for 2017 N-Power application


Items Needed .

IF you are about to enter the application portal for the N-Power programme. To serve you better, You are advise that you have the following ready before you go on to apply


You Must visit the internet with:

1.  Your 11 Digit Bank Verification Number (BVN)
2. Surname, First Name and Middle Name as registered on your BVN.

Please note that your personal information must match with your information as registered for your BVN

3. Your 10 digit Bank Account Number
4. A pen and paper to record your unique reference number.








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