The first ATM in the world Clocks 50 Years

The world’s initially Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on Tuesday June 27, 2017 timed 50 years. As indicated by the Metro, the world’s first ATM was revealed by Barclays at its Enfield branch in North London on June 27 1967.As a tribute to the brilliant commemoration, Barclays changed the ATM at its Enfield branch into gold, included a memorial plaque and set a celebrity lane in front for its clients.


The first ATM was the brainchild of Scottish innovator Shepherd-Barron, and was dispatched by Barclays to make six money distributors, the first was introduced at Enfield. English performer Reg Varney, who featured in the British TV comic drama demonstrate “On The Busses”, was the main individual to pull back money from the new machine.

Presently there are an expected three million money machines over the globe with near 70,000 trade machines out the UK alone which administered 175 billion pounds in 2016.

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