Chevrolet Computer Operated Cars to be launched Today – G.M


General Motors is at the edge of breaking the world record again by launching a self-driving cars. For about 12months General Motor has been working hard to make sure the project see the light of day.

Today! DM will demonstrate its growing fleet of computer-operated cars powered by Chevrolet Bolts in San Francisco to dozens of investment analysts, who are eager to evaluate the automaker’s advanced test vehicles.

The cars was presented to media personalities (Journalists) on Tuesday by G.M.’s president  Mr Daniel Ammann, the car will be fully in market by next year.

Other automakers, such as Ford Motor, Volkswagen and Toyota, are pushing to accelerate their own electric and autonomous-vehicle programs.


The field is also crowded with competitors from Silicon Valley, such as Google, Apple, Uber and the electric-car maker Tesla.

Take a look at the cars pictures below

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